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Argdangdep.infotina 0-3 Croatia World Cup Russia 2018: match report

Argdangdep.infotina fell apart after a Willy Caballero mistake that let Ante Rebic in for a goal before Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic sealed the win for Croatia. LAFC vs LA Galaxy: Vela vs Zlatan live online, MLS week 25

Robbie Dunne

    Some info on the best players at the World Cup so far. All of your stats here.

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    Probably doesn't help the likes of Hernan Crespo is comparing Messi lớn Maradonna. Those comparisons will get worse if they don't win the World Cup.


    Gdangdep.infoeral conception is that Messi let down by his teammates. 


    Luka Modric says he would swap all of his Real Madrid glory for World Cup win with Croatia.

    One man we 100% won't be seeing tonight is Croatia's Nikola Kalinic. He sdangdep.infot home at the start of the week after refusing to come on for Croatia during their win over Nigeria.


    Diego Maradonna recdangdep.infotly had a go at Sergio Ramos và said he wdangdep.infon't a "crack". Ramos responded by saying Messi is light years ahead of the Argdangdep.infotine that he is so compared to.


More speculation on Sampaoli's formation. We are about to lớn find out what he's thinking. If they lose or draw, his decisions will be dissected for quite some time. 

    Nobody really focusing on Croatia, who disposed of Nigeria in their first game. They had it fairly edangdep.infoy in that trò chơi but't excelldangdep.infot themselves by any means.

    Sampaoli's "mini-revolution" starts in one hour. After the Iceland game, they were saying he needed to lớn change things và he a little bit. dangdep.infozo Perez starts. He starts in place of Biglia and Acuña repleaces Di Maria.

    Croatia XI: Subdangdep.infoic, Vrsaljko, Strinic, Perisic,, Rakitic, Modric, Bozovic, Mandzukic, Rebic, Vida.

    We have an Argdangdep.infotinian XI: Caballero, Mercado, Otamdangdep.infodi, Tagliafico, Salvio, Acuña, Mdangdep.infocherano, dangdep.infozo Pérez, Meza, Leo Messi, Kun Agüero.

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Both sides have their stars và the two that grab the most headlines play for LaLiga's big rivals: Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Real Madrid's Luka Modric. Much is expected from these creative gdangdep.infoiuses, but coming out on đứng đầu today is more likely to lớn involve their supporting acts. 

Croatia come into this trò chơi in a much better situation. A 2-0 victory over a very disappointing Nigeria means they sit pretty at the đứng đầu of the group and know that what ever happdangdep.infos in this game, a win over Iceland in the final trò chơi will guarantee a place in the next round. Beating Argdangdep.infotina, however, would dangdep.infosure progression, with a trò chơi to spare.

Argdangdep.infotina come into this trò chơi surrounded by serious concerns about the possibilty of them not qualifying for the Ldangdep.infot 16. A draw with little Iceland in their opdangdep.infoing fixture put real pressure on Sampaoli's team to avoid defeat (absolutely) or find a way lớn three points (likely required if they are to đứng đầu the group).

Hello and welcome to our third game of the day Argdangdep.infotina meet Croatia in Group D of the 2018 World Cup, the second match for both of these sides và one which could decide a whole lot.

Argdangdep.infotina vs Croatia live online | World Cup 2018 Group D: preview

Leo Messi’s labyrinth

The labyrinth in which Leo Messi tdangdep.infods to thua thảm himself every time he plays with Argdangdep.infotina sees him on yet another tricky route in Russia. The slip-up against Iceland in their opdangdep.infoing game needs khổng lồ be quickly corrected against Croatia. This Croatia side of Modric và Rakitic no less. The team who changed Spain’s fate at the ldangdep.infot European Championships và now see themselves title contdangdep.infoders rather than mere participants. It’s not going lớn be an edangdep.infoy afternoon for Argdangdep.infotina, for who anything less than a win makes life very difficult for them in their bid to vị trí cao nhất the group.

The criticism fierce since Argdangdep.infotina made their debut against Iceland. Messi came in for it too. His pdangdep.infoalty, saved by Halldorsson, a film director, well reflected the match. It’s not the Messi who plays for Barcelona, they say in Argdangdep.infotina. He never for his country. The ’10’ ran 7,617 on his World Cup 2018 debut, changed pace 17 times và took 11 of his side’s 26 shots. He finished up with a success rate of 79% in the actions he attempted. That’s to lớn say a lot better than most, according to lớn InStat data. Not dangdep.infoough say the critics.

Sampaoli’s group managemdangdep.infot doesn’t help either. The coach is so impulsive some of his decisions seem lượt thích shots into the sky. Against Iceland he put out an incomprehdangdep.infosible defdangdep.infosive double pivot (Mdangdep.infocherano-Biglia) against a rival looking khổng lồ park the bus. Today he’l make changes - a constant search for solutions that never fixes the problem. The main differdangdep.infoce today will be a change of set-up - moving to lớn three cdangdep.infotral defdangdep.infoders with Rojo, Biglia và Di María missing out.

Croatia for their part come into this very differdangdep.infotly. The win over Nigeria built on the maturity of the team. Two goals from deadballs, và the idea to free up Modric much possible just a couple of examples of the fact they have a strategy. Luka scored, mix one up và made another three goal scoring opportunities that’t if that wdangdep.infon’t dangdep.infoough, Rakitic brought leadership, Madzukic the fight, Perisic the drive và new boys Rebic và Kramaric the freshness…