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Meet Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi!

Let’s catch up with Jung Joon-young và Jung Yoo-mi! People might be surprised by the recent news about Jung Joon-young, who was reportedly involved in the Molka sexual intercourse recording case in South Korea. In addition, Jung Yoo-mi was disgraced as being one of Jung Joon-young’s victims, but is that true? You’ll find out in a minute, when Channel Korea will tell you all about Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi’s happy days in We Got Married, so stay tuned!

Several years ago, Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi were united through the reality show We Got Married. We Got Married is a television show that brought together a male và female celebrity lớn live together as a virtual couple & undergo their life as if they were married. Let’s make a throwback lớn this couple’s days as husband & wife!

The Poca-Guri Couple, Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi in ‘We Got Married’


As a virtual couple on We Got Married, Jung Joon-young và Jung Yoo-mi used lớn have a nickname. They were popularly known as the Poca-Guri Couple. The Poca-Guri Couple joined We Got Married in the show’s fourth season. Their relationship lasted about nine months, & they appeared from episode 187 until episode 222, which meant they were included for 35 episodes. The final chapter of the pair’s marriage was aired on May 31st, 2014.

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How did they get their nicknames, Poca & Guri? ‘Poca’ was a nickname for Jung Joon-young, and ‘Guri’, which means raccoon, was a nickname for Jung Yoo-mi. Funny yet unique, right?

Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi shared about the unromantic way they got to knew each other better. Jung Joon-young said that Jung Yoo-mi always called him when he was playing a game, and he replied lớn her by sending her a picture of his trò chơi on his monitor. Jung Yoo-mi also said that they were getting closer after going a trip together. She revealed that getting khổng lồ know each other in a slow way was their style.

Jung Yoo-mi said during the filming for We Got Married, neither of them were the typical people who often communicating. The funny fact is that Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi chose to lớn be honest and pure about their relationship on the show, they didn’t want khổng lồ be giả about their ‘marriage’.

First Meeting

Technically, their first meeting was when they started filming for We Got Married season 4. Their first meeting was quite unique since they were involved in such unusual conversations! It began with Jung Joon-young saying, “Seeing your eye wrinkles makes me think you’re around 30 years old,” then Jung Yoo-mi was replied by “I saw you performing Becoming Dust before. Roy Kim sang trọng it really well,“.

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At first, Jung Joon-young called Jung Yoo-mi ‘Noona’, but then she protested, saying it made her feel old and laughed.

Shooting MV Together

There was a great time with Jung Joon-young và Jung Yoo-mi during their term on We Got Married, which was when they were shooting for a music video clip together!

Even though they rarely showed viewers their romantic moments, the way Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi looked at each other was quite enough to prove their romance during the video clip shooting, right?


Their Unromantic Moments

As previously mentioned, instead of a lot of lãng mạn moments, people mostly saw other moments from Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi, their unromantic moments, but even those fascinated viewers.

Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi used to lớn talk about their unromantic style. They’d rather show people their real relationship even though they were providing people ‘fake’ sweet moments during We Got Married. The show’s director at the time agreed that both of them y showed how they really were, which was very different from all of the couples who had previously been on the show.

We usually imagine our wedding to be one of the most lãng mạn moments in our life, but look at Jung Joon-young who was using a hilarious mask on his wedding day!


In their last episodes of We Got Married, instead of crying when he heard the news, Joon Jung-young was laughing!


Pre-wedding Photoshoot và Wedding

And here are picture from Jung Joon-young & Jung Yoo-mi’s pre-wedding và wedding photoshoot!