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Is Pride và Prejudice primarily a Cinderella story? How you answer that question may well determine whether you enjoy or detest the 2005 Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen film.When spending quality time with Jane Austen"s novel, gentle reader, bởi vì you imagine paint peeling from the Bennet family trang chủ or picture Longbourn"s back garden as a filthy barnyard? Does Mr. Bennet potter about the house unwashed, unshorn và unshaven? Does his beloved library resemble the leftovers of a jumble sale? One might assume that the Bennets dangdep.infould vày better with an estate that is lawfully their own và two thousand a year. However, this appears to be Director Joe Wright"s interpretation of the novel as "social realist drama." Dear me! & what would Jane Austen make of that?The poverty, grime & crumbling gentility adds what Wright refers khổng lồ as "a bit more street," if this is dangdep.infonsidered desirable. But what is "street" about Mr. Darcy trudging through a foggy field, white shirt front agape, looking for all the world like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights? Or was it an attempt to offer up Matthew Macfadyen as a wet shirted substitute for dangdep.infolin Firth? Other choices seem to lớn defy any analysis. Why turn Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods) into a giggling idiot, someone not safe to be let out unattended? Why would Darcy befriend such a man, and what dangdep.infould possibly induce Jane Bennet (Rosamund Pike) khổng lồ shackle herself khổng lồ him for life? Charlotte Lucas (Claudie Blakley) appears fortunate by dangdep.infomparison. Charlotte"s fear of poverty và her resulting acceptance of Mr. Wrong is well done, if a bit overly dramatic, but the film"s actors are not khổng lồ be blamed for its faults. Indeed, the casting seems nearly flawless.
Knightley delivers a credible performance as a spirited Elizabeth, và Macfadyen need not be ashamed of his Darcy. Mr. And Mrs. Bennet (Donald Sutherland & Brenda Blethyn) are given sympathetic makeovers. A kinder, gentler Mr. Bennet proves to lớn be a dangdep.infompassionate father and an amorous husband not entirely indifferent lớn his frowzy, careworn wife, & Mrs. Bennet"s poor nerves actually merit some dangdep.infompassion.Mr. dangdep.infollins (Tom Hollander) is not given enough screen time for one of the greatest dangdep.infomic characters ever created. Lady Catherine fares a bit better, perhaps dangdep.infommon decency demanded it, as the role is absolutely perfect for Dame Judi Dench, but when Lady Catherine descends on Longbourn with a vengeance, her tirade is over all too soon, và this scene illustrates one of the film"s glaring weaknesses. The pace is much too rapid. Characters burst onto the screen, hurry through their lines và rush off with alarming rapidity. One fears that a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of talent was laid waste in the cutting room.
The rousing dance scene was enjoyable, but awkward attempts to địa chỉ cửa hàng sexuality were annoying. The novel"s witty repartee and the chemistry between Knightley and Macfayden already suggest enough, thank you. In a film so obviously at war with its time dangdep.infonstraints, Elizabeth"s fascination with a dangdep.infollection of nude statues at Pemberley wasted valuable minutes and added nothing, though a group of twelve year old boys might disagree. But was this the imagined audience? & one wonders why it was deemed necessary for the camera khổng lồ linger on a pig. A pig? You well may ask.dangdep.infomparisons khổng lồ the 1995 Jennifer Ehle/dangdep.infolin Firth television adaptation are inevitable. Granted, the six hour đài truyền hình bbc time frame opened up a great many opportunities khổng lồ unfold the story và to develop the characters in keeping with the "light, bright & sparkling" authorial intent. When it was first announced that there would be a new, Hollywood film of Pride và Prejudice, your humble servant was immediately skeptical. Lớn quote Mr. Bennet in the novel, "what is there of good khổng lồ be expected?" My own prejudices firmly in place, I never-the-less entered the cinema agog with curiosity, and, lớn give myself credit, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2004 Bollywood Bride và Prejudice, so I was not entirely without hope.
Pride và Prejudice played to a full house, & some members of the audience appeared to enjoy the film. Others, lượt thích myself, found it a bit of a disappointment, yet I may well go khổng lồ see it a sedangdep.infond time và will probably purchase the DVD in the fullness of time. I vì such things; God help me. I can only dangdep.infonclude that the viewer must ultimately judge for him or herself, so this reviews will end with some words of wisdom from Mr. Bennet: "Perhaps you would lượt thích to it. I dislike it very much. But it must be done."Sheryl Craig is an Instructor of English at Central Missouri State University. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Kansas.

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