Trips In Ho Chi Minh City

Similar khổng lồ Khao San Road in thủ đô bangkok or Pub Street in Siem Reap, Bui Vien và a few nearby streets (Pham lẩn thẩn Lao, De Tham, bởi Quang Dau) are called the backpackers’ district because this area is filled with many foreign visitors, especially backpackers. There are many inexpensive restaurants with various cuisines from around the world, convenience stores, as well as numerous souvenir shops. In terms of accommodations, there is an abundance of places khổng lồ stay. Importantly, it is an ideal place khổng lồ let your hair down, hang out or make new friends. Are you ready? Your journey to lớn the backpackers" district in Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố starts here.

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Where is the Backpackers’ District in Ho chi Minh City

Backpackers’ district is located right in the center of District 1, surrounded by the four streets: Bui Vien, Pham dở hơi Lao, vày Quang Dau, & De Tham. This area is the destination of foreign tourists when visiting the most crowded thành phố in Vietnam. The area called Pho Tay in Vietnamese or the backpackers’ district is named by the locals because this place gathers many visitors from foreign countries, và most of them are backpackers or traveling on a shoestring budget.


A corner of Bui Vien at night

How to lớn get khổng lồ Bui Vien:

The backpackers’ district in Ho chi Minh city is extremely easy lớn access. You can take the shuttle bus route 109, which will take you from rã Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) to lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố center at 23/9 (pronounced September 23rd) Park. Get off the bus at its stop on Pham dở người Lao Street, take a few steps to cross the road & you are in the backpackers’ district. The bus fare is around VND 20,000.

The History of the Backpackers’ District in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Before 1975, the area formed by four streets (current names): Bui Vien, vày Quang Dau, Tran Hung Dao, và Pham dại dột Lao was called Nga Tu Quoc Te (International crossroad in English). At the time, many print shops, cafes, and a theatre appeared, where journalists and reformed artists met and talked about domestic news stories as well as the daily international news. Consequently, the journalists used the phrase "International Crossroads" as a symbol to indicate the location where they met each other.

Since 1975, in order to lớn meet the demand of foreign visitors, this area gradually developed various activities ranging from casual pavement cafes to bustling lively bars. The streets were also renamed; in particular, it is interesting to cảnh báo that Bui Vien was the name of the first Vietnamese official lớn emigrate to lớn the United States lớn establish diplomatic relations. Và thanks khổng lồ being published in the Lonely Planet travel book in 1993, this area received more attention và has become the stopover of most foreign visitors.

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Since 20 August 2017, The People"s Committee of Pham dại dột Lao Ward (District 1) officially informed that motorcycles and cars are not allowed to lớn navigate on Bui Vien Street (from De Tham to bởi vì Quang Dau) from 7 PM lớn 2 AM on weekends by making it a pedestrian-only street. In addition, visitors to lớn this pedestrian street can enjoy free wifi.

Comes with catering services, there are motels, hotels or travel agencies that are ready khổng lồ cater khổng lồ all your requirements from home or abroad. However, most of the visitors here use the bus as a means of transportation as it is cheap và convenient.

What you can Find in the Backpackers’ District in Ho chi Minh City

Street food

Not only is it one of the most lively streets in Saigon, but Bui Vien also attracts many locals with various delicious snacks. They sell tropical fruits, fried corn, grilled sweet potato, BBQ on skewers, và local beers.


You can find almost all kinds of seafood, beef, pork, wings, và grilled chicken are available. They go great with the green pepper dipping sauce. The food here is affordable with the combination of low plastic tables và small chairs in an mở cửa space creating an intimate feeling. It is quite fun when you eat here & enjoy the view of people passing by.

One of the most famous barbecue stalls in the walking street is the small village called cha Sau or BBQ Saigon Night at 135 Bui Vien. Seafood on skewers look appetizing, making any dish difficult khổng lồ resist.

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BBQ Saigon Night

Another place for barbecue enthusiasts is quan Nha La located at 214 Bui Vien. It is easy to find & do not forget to lớn try the BBQ shrimp.



Enjoying food & beers on low plastic chairs

Sweet tofu

When it comes to lớn sweet tofu, people will definitely remember the small vendors selling this dessert, located next to the address No. 169. It has existed for many years & is always crowded. Tofu from the silky smooth, soothing smell of soybeans và the melted sugar with ginger make it very tempting. The thick and creamy coconut milk và tapioca pearls can be optional toppings. The price is very reasonable, around VND 6,000-7,000.


Street vendor selling sweet tofu

Dining Restaurants

The backpackers’ district has almost any chất lượng cuisines in the world, including Indian, Thailand, Korean, Mexican, Spanish, Italy, & American.

If you love Indian cuisine, you can visit Baba"s kitchen at 164 Bui Vien; the owner is also Indian. There are about 3 Indian restaurants along Bui Vien Street which are always busy with customers.

If you are into Vietnamese dishes, Five Oysters located at 234 Bui Vien specializes in serving seafood and local dishes.

Other suggested addresses:

Pepperonis: specialized in Italian food. Address: 111 Bui VienMumtaz: Indian food Address: 226 Bui VienLa Casa: Mexican, Spanish, Italian or thai food. Address: 40A/1 Bui Vien


Vietnamese coffee and tea

Although the backpackers’ district seems khổng lồ be familiar with crowded bars and music all night long, it also has many coffee shops nestled in the small alleyways in Ho đưa ra Minh City. These coffee shops can offer you a small corner lớn silently listen to lớn the quiet sound of the bustling street outside, read books, write a postcard or take some Instagram photos.

Goc Ha Noi Coffee (Ha Noi Corner Coffee shop) is a place like this. Walking through such a super small alley, you will enter a completely different place with slow music & vintage design. In addition, you can try a very chất lượng kind of coffee - egg coffee, accompanied by Vietnamese specialties such as apricot, peanut, or green peanut cake.


Inside Goc Ha Noi Coffee

If viewed from above, the four main streets of Bui Vien, De Tham, vì chưng Quang Dau, & Pham dở hơi Lao have a series of small alleys running across, connecting the main road in the shape of the chessboard. Và spend time khổng lồ venture into these small coffee siêu thị to give you the most authentic view of inhabitants making up the city"s culture.

Besides small coffee shops, you can also visit bigger coffee chains lượt thích Cong Coffee and Trung Nguyen Coffee. Cong Coffee has the typical decoration of the northern war-time period. Locating next lớn De Tham Street is the Starbucks with three spacious floors. & Trung Nguyen Coffee seems lượt thích the most popular coffee brand in Vietnam.


If Hanoi is famous for beer in Ta Hien, Bui Vien beer is famous in Ho chi Minh City. Cheap local Vietnamese beers available all over the streets, with grilled octopus, sausages, & many other soft drinks that are priced at only from around VND 20,000 per bottle.


Although these smoothies vendors are just a food stall on the sidewalk, the chất lượng of the drinks here receives positive feedback. The fruits are fresh due to a large number of fruits consumed every day, and then, less leftover. More topping is a slice of freshly cut fruit on top of a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit, which makes it easy to tell what kind of fruit the fruit is made of. The most popular choices are mango, avocado, bananas, strawberry, and carrots.



Smoothies stalls on Bui Vien Street

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